What can you & what can’t you WAAV?

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WAAV Sprayer


Here’s what you CAN WAAV...


Soak yours. Soak little Timmy’s. It’s healthy and safe. Never plunge a bacteria-laden stick into your mouth ever again. WAAV your brush, let it sit, and scrub those ivories.

Fruits and veggies

With WAAV, you’re cleaning and rinsing them in the same motion. Enjoy your healthy snack, because ozone water is GRAS(Generally Regarded as Safe) bt the US FDA for use on food(21 CFR Part 184).

Baby supplies

Liberally WAAV your baby’s toys, bottles, cribs, changing tables, even food bowls, and other surfaces. With WAAV, you’ll sleep soundly at night— unless baby wakes up— knowing you are never going to harm your young ones with harsh chemicals. Best of all, you’re teaching your children to love the planet with low-waste, earth goods.


Attack that mold and mildew buildup. Give your shower walls, hardware, and floors a quick spray after each use and walk away. Unlike the harsh chemical cleaners you’ve been using, you’ll never have to worry about thoroughly rinsing off those toxins you had to let rest on your surfaces. Bye bye, grime, bye bye cleaning time.


WAAV is great for cleaning and removing streaks from glass, and according to some neighborhood birds we’ve interviewed, maybe even a little too great.

Glass and metal stove tops

WAAV away grime, crumbs, dried egg yolk, and other tough food buildup. Keep your cooking area clean, from the flat-top panels to intricate nooks and crannies of the burners. Plus- never worry about leaving toxic (and often flammable) chemical residue on your stove top.


Let’s be honest- terrible things happen here. Like, every day. That makes for an object that is pretty tough and grueling to clean… until now! With WAAV, just drench that thing from head to toe.Then with your own toes do a happy dance for 30 seconds as WAAV kills goes to work. Wipe up, then wipe up, and marvel at the change!

Bathroom mirrors

We don’t know how those things get so marked up and dirty either. With WAAV, just give the mirror a healthy spray, wait 10 seconds for some bonus sanitizing, and wipe it off. Your jaw will drop when you clearly see how clear your mirror is— no more glass cleaner residue!

Caulking and drains

Traditionally, a couple of the most difficult (and icky) things to clean. Soap scum, mildew, and mold around your caulking and drains doesn’t stand a chance. #WAAV it, friend—it’s more effective than cleaners and bleach. Yes, MORE effective, and friendly on you.

Granite countertops

They look so nice, but they’re such a pain to clean. Until now. Get that polished slab of stone as squeaky clean and shiny as the day it was polished smooth. Say it with us: #WAAVit.


Want to remove junk from your favorite heels and sneakers? Kick it with WAAV. Not only does it safely sanitize your sneakers without leaving stains or residues, it deodorizes those stinky hoof covers, leaving your feet fresh and airy.

Car interiors

Dirt, grease, crumbs, grime, mud, bacteria, and mystery, now-fuzzy-gummy candies under the car seat your kids haven’t sat in since the Clinton administration… vehicles are gross. Get back to riding in style again and sanitize and deodorize that four-wheeler, leaving it as clean and pleasant to the nose as the day you bought it. Take WAAV on the road.

Office desk

If Fred from accounting wants to plop his palms on your desk every time he pauses to say hello, fine. You’re ready to blast those Fred germs into oblivion. File that, Fred. While you’re spraying down the faux-wood, feel free to hit your pens, mugs, snacks, keyboard, mouse, even your computer screen. WAAV is powerful enough to clean years of grime, yet totally friendly to spray right on that orange you’re going to pass up for the chocolate bar in your drawer.

Athletic equipment

You or your kids play sports? Then you have all sorts of pads, helmets, and balls that pick up dirt on the diamond, field, and court. Annnnnnnd they smell TERRIBLE. Finally- a friendly, no chemicals added, powerful sanitizer+deodorizer for stinky, dirty sports gear. #WAAVit for the win.


It’s not our fault you didn’t toss that container of leftover casserole. But WAAV is a great deodorizer, busting up odd scents and making your fridge appetizing again. Spray down the inside shelves and drawers where old food and spills may linger. Leaky pack of raw chicken again? #WAAVit. Then close the fridge up, hit the door and handles with the sprayer, wipe them off and go watch the ballgame.


Use WAAV to clean the smudges on your favorite specs. Plus sanitize the lenses and frames from any gunk, grime, or dirt. You’ll see the difference when you #WAAVit.


Whether you’re hand-washing your dailies or dragging out that overpriced, rarely-used funky holiday dishware, give it a power spritz with WAAV for spotless, sanitized forking surfaces. Make those wine glasses extra clean before your mother-in-law spots a smudge!

Hotel rooms

Don’t ask, don’t tell. Better we don’t know. But when you stay away, bring the sanitizing spray! WAAV that room down and make the place feel like home. Clean, comfortable, safe. #WAAVit

College dorms

Don’t ask, don’t tell. Better you don’t know. What you DO know is that the best gift for a high school grad setting off to college is this powerful dorm cleaner. WAAV keeps freshmen looking fresh and impresses their most conscientious friends.


Here’s what you CAN’T WAAV...

Heavy grease

WAAV is a miracle of nature and science, but every modern marvel has its limits. We’re big believers in transparency, which is why we admit that our little superstar bottle does not perform well when it comes to cutting through heavy grease and soap scum. Have greasy deposits? You can still WAAV at it and give it your best- it will result in a sanitized surface, it just may not magically wipe away that pesky grease.


You may be accustomed to “traditional” (read: toxic-chemical-based) cleaners leaving bleach-white surfaces. WAAV is of course a much better sanitizer than those other bottles, but it will not typically whiten certain surfaces in the same way that you’re used to. Make no mistake however, those surfaces are left safe, sanitized, and chemical and residue free, whether they’re white or off-white, or bone, almond, tooth enamel, or any of the other paint swatches you tested out to achieve a white living room wall a few years ago.