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WAAV Sanitizing Sprayer

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Stronger & more powerful than the harshest chemical cleaners yet friendly for use around children & pets. 100% water-based sanitizer & deodorizer with no chemicals, fragrances, or dyes. It’s even FDA-allowed for use on all food!

Quickly kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, including E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Staph, and more(See our lab results)! The WAAV sprayer creates its own sanitizing solution— As long as you have tap water, you’ll never run out of product.

Buy it once – and create over 1,200 16oz bottles of sanitizing,
disinfecting, deodorizing and cleaning solution for just…

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  • – WAAV Sanitizer: Ozone water
  • – Model: 18-3000
  • – Battery: 7.4V Li-ion
  • – Adapter: 5V DC (100-240V AC 50-60Hz)
  • – Dimension: 4 x 3 x 10.4 (100 x 78 x 265mm)
  • – Charging Time: Up to 3 hours
  • – Color: White
  • – Water Quality: Clean tap water
  • – Water Temperature: 39-104℉ (4-40℃)
  • – Net Weight: 11.3oz (320g)
  • – Tank Capacity: 11.8oz (350ml)
  • – O3 Water Concentration: Average 1.2ppm

Just add water!

WAAV is the only just-add-water sanitizing sprayer that creates its own cleaner and deodorizer, on-demand! As long as you have tap water, you’ll never run out.

No chemicals, fragrances, or dyes added

No added chemicals, 100% water-based sanitizer and deodorizer with no harsh chemicals, fragrances, or dyes. It's even FDA allowed for use on food!

1,500% cheaper than chemicals

The WAAV sanitizing sprayer has an average lifespan equivalent to 1,200 16-ounce bottles of chemical spray cleaners. That equals a whole pile of saved cash.
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The Magic of Ozone Water

WAAV’s science & tech

Learn how the WAAV unit creates all-natural Ozone Water on-demand… Mother Nature’s most powerful cleaning agent! We know, it sounds far-fetched. Most miracles do, but all the more reason to educate yourself and learn about Ozone Water. Tap below!